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By Lolli Wraps

Introducing Lolli Wraps

The sweetest Lingerie Brand Celebrating Sexuality and Promoting Body Positivity 

Lolli Wraps is a lingerie brand that exudes a playful, body-positive, and cruelty-free vibe. Specialising in leather harnesses, accessories, and shibari products, Lolli Wraps has a range of products that are both cute and kinky. Based in regional Victoria (originally founded in Melbourne during the pandemic), they have just celebrated their two-year anniversary with the launch of their whole new size range featuring four adjustable sizes (petite, small, mid, and curve) that cater to a range of body types from size 6 to 28 in Australia. In addition to their inclusive sizing, Lolli Wraps is also known for their colourful (Lolly/candy inspired) and unique aesthetic, offering a variety of fun and vibrant colour options for their products.

Range of products

There's something for everyone! From vegan leather body harnesses including leg and chest harnesses, to collars and chokers, to cuffs and animal face masks, there's a wide range of products to choose from. They also offer satin lingerie, nipple pasties, and their popular pearl harnesses set. But that's not all - their best seller is their shibari rope, available in a variety of materials including bamboo, jute, cotton, nylon, polyester, and hemp.

In addition to offering a range of sizes, Lolli Wraps also offers a choice of materials for their harnesses. Customers can choose from PU leather, which is a more affordable option, or a 100% plant-based corn peel leather, which is a premium, sustainable choice. This allows customers to make informed choices about the materials they use, while still supporting a brand that is committed to improving their sustainability choices… Not perfect! but getting there.

The Story of Lolli Wraps


Lolli Wraps was founded by Tiana in 2021 when her mum, shopping buddy and biggest supporter, suggested that she should make her own vegan harnesses instead of constantly searching for them in sex shops. Tiana had been unsuccessful in finding what she was looking for and had been dragging her mum around to help her search. She took her mum's suggestion to heart and launched Lolli Wraps, and since then the brand has expanded beyond her wildest dreams. Tiana's background in design from the Whitehouse Institute of Design has allowed her to bring a unique perspective to the lingerie industry, and her passion for sustainability and body positivity is evident in every aspect of Lolli Wraps.

Currently at Lolli Wraps

Currently at Lolli Wraps, Tiana has her bestie Mia on hand to help run the business. They've got the whole operation going on in-house, from photoshoots, packaging, customer service and everything in between. They even rope in their local (Bendigo) friends and fam to help out in front of the camera, making for some really fun and authentic shots. Tiana’s mum will even help pack orders during busy sale or launch periods.

Commitment to Celebrating Sexuality and Promoting Body Positivity

Lolli Wraps is committed to creating products that celebrate and embrace self-identity and sexuality, all while being cruelty-free, kink, and body positive. The brand's focus on helping everyone feel cute and sexy has helped them to build a loyal and organic customer base that values inclusivity and diversity. They understand that everyone's relationship with their body and sexuality is unique and personal, and they aim to create products that cater to a wide range of preferences and identities. Whether you're just starting to explore your sexuality or you're further along in your journey, Lolli Wraps has something for everyone.

Over the past two years, the brand has worked hard to build a strong community and a range of products that reflect their values. They are proud of what they have accomplished and are constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve to better serve their customers. Whether it's by expanding their size range, introducing new materials, or simply being there to listen and support their customers, Lolli Wraps is committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone to embrace and express themselves.

Challenges and opportunities often go hand in hand

Competitive market

One of the challenges that Lolli Wraps has faced is the competitive nature of the lingerie market. However, the brand has differentiated itself by offering a range of sizes, materials, and unique colour ways, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The expansion of their size range is particularly exciting, as it allows the brand to cater to a wider variety of body types and sizes, helping everyone feel cute and sexy.

Restricted content for ads

Another challenge that Lolli Wraps has faced is advertising restrictions. As a brand that specialises in lingerie and kink products, they have sometimes encountered difficulties when it comes to promoting their products online and through traditional advertising channels. Despite these challenges, the team at Lolli Wraps has found creative ways to reach their audience and build brand awareness, such as through social media and partnerships with like-minded brands and influencers. They remain committed to finding new and innovative ways to connect with their customers and share their products with the world.

Small batch production

One of the biggest opportunities (and challenges) for Lolli Wraps is the demand for their products. With everything being small batch produced, they sometimes struggle to keep up with demand for their best-selling items and colours. Restocking can take months, but the team at Lolli Wraps is working hard to find ways to streamline their production process and get products back in stock more quickly. Despite these challenges, the demand for their products is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of Lolli Wraps' offerings. 

Looking to the Future

At Lolli Wraps, the team is always looking to the future and finding new and exciting ways to grow and improve. One of their goals is to have a more physical presence at events such as pop-up stalls, markets, expos, and festivals. They would love the opportunity to meet more of their customers face to face and hear their feedback firsthand. In addition to expanding their physical presence, the team at Lolli Wraps is also committed to expanding their product range to include more casual pieces and a wider range of bondage accessories like paddles, whips, and collars. They're even considering adding some latex to the mix!

Along with expanding their offerings, Lolli Wraps is also committed to exploring new and innovative materials to offer their customers even more vegan-friendly options beyond their current selection of PU and corn peel leather. This includes researching materials such as apple skin, pineapple, and mushroom leather. As always, the main focus at Lolli Wraps is on helping everyone feel cute and sexy and creating products that are both ethical and sustainable. The team can't wait to see what the future holds!

Advice for Others Looking to Start a Business

Niche down and find your passion

Starting a business can be tough, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Tiana, the founder of Lolli Wraps, has some advice for others looking to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey. According to Tiana, it's important to find a niche and stay true to your values. "It can be easy to get caught up in what's popular or what you think people want, but ultimately it's important to find something that you're passionate about and to stay true to your values," Tiana advises. "That way, you'll be able to create something truly unique and authentic." Tiana has definitely achieved this with Lolli Wraps, which has stood out in the market with its focus on being cruelty-free, kink and body positive, and helping everyone feel cute and sexy.

Surround yourself with the right people

But starting a business isn't just about finding your niche and staying true to your values. It's also about surrounding yourself with a network of like-minded, positive people who will support you and lift you up. Tiana is grateful to have a lot of friends in business who lean on each other and help bring each other up. "It's important to have a support network, especially when you're starting out," Tiana says. "Having other people who understand what you're going through and who can offer advice and encouragement can make all the difference." So whether you're just starting out or you're looking to pivot and try something new, remember to stay true to yourself and your values, and don't be afraid to reach out to others for support. With the right mindset and the right network, you can literally achieve anything!

Let it be messy

Starting a business can be intimidating, especially if you're worried about getting everything perfect from the outset. But as Tiana, the founder of Lolli Wraps, can attest, it's important to remember that it doesn't have to be perfect to start. In fact, sometimes it's better to just take the first step and see where it leads. Tiana learned this lesson early on when Lolli Wraps underwent a rebrand just one year into business. They changed their logo, packaging, and colours, and while it was a big undertaking, it ended up being a worthwhile investment. The sales supported the necessary change and helped to further establish the brand's identity.

The Importance of Taking the First Step

So, if you're thinking about starting a business, don't be afraid to take the first step. It doesn't have to be perfect, and chances are it won't be. But by taking that first step and seeing where it leads, you can learn, grow, and evolve along the way. As Tiana says, "It's important to just start. You don't have to have everything figured out from the beginning. Just start and see where it takes you."

Wrap-ing it up…

In conclusion, Lolli Wraps is a lingerie brand that specialises in leather harnesses, accessories, and shibari products. They've been around for two years now, and they've just launched a new size range that caters to a range of body types, because everyone deserves to feel cute and sexy. Most importantly, they're cruelty-free so you can look and feel good at the same time. All in all, Lolli Wraps is a brand that is dedicated to celebrating sexuality and promoting body positivity. Keep on slaying, Lolli Wraps!

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