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WTF is corn leather?

Thanks for asking, angel.

 Corn leather is a plant-based, cruelty free and eco-friendly alternative to animal leather. It's a 100% bio material and made from corn peel! It is super strong, breathable and hydrolysis resistant (which means it keeps its shape no matter how sweaty or steamy you wanna get in it). It’s also biodegradable and doesn’t cause any kind of carbon dioxide as it breaks down, so it’s much kinder to our environment <3

Why do we make corn leather harnesses?

Because we love animals and we love planet earth. Huge amounts of fossil fuels are needed to keep animals that become leather fed and watered, plus cow-derived leather causes almost three times more impact on the environment than our vegan alternatives. Not forgetting the fact that the production of leather hurts animals. We don’t think it’s sexy to profit from the suffering of others.

It’s time to get cute and switch to corn!

It’s not possible to create corn leather in our signature pastel shades (yet) so we still use our original toxin-free PU vegan leather for most other harnesses and accessories BUT we were so keen to try out corn leather we decided to introduce new colourways in 2022. Big love to Cherry Red, Marshmallow White and Liquorice Black who have made it possible to shop some of our bestselling designs in corn leather.

If you’re looking to add some new pieces to your collection, we’d love it if you check out our corn leather. Oh, and don’t forget - when you’re done with your Lolli Wraps, we’d love it if you gave them a second life by reselling them. They can easily be cleaned for a life with a new owner and are such high quality they really will last a long time.

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