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4 Reasons to Bring a Vegan Leather Pastel Body Harness to Your Boudoir

4 Reasons to Bring a Vegan Leather Pastel Body Harness to Your Boudoir

Sex isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when couples expect ten lacklustre minutes of the missionary position before they roll over and fall asleep. These days, whether you’re bringing home a sexy stranger or indulging in a hot night with someone who’s been your one and only for years, you want to make the most out of every rendezvous.

A body harness is a perfect way to turn your bedroom into a steamy sauna. Between its fetishised look and the extra control it provides, a body harness could be the hottest new addition to that box of toys under your bed.

What Is a Body Harness?

A body harness is a strappy leather fetish garment that’s typically associated with bondage or other types of BDSM play. There are endless styles and strap configurations, but in general, a body harness has leather straps extending from your neck down your torso and onto your thighs.

Types of Harnesses

In general, you’ll see three types of BDSM harnesses. The first is a full body harness, which typically extends from your neck to your thighs.

A second type is a chest harness, which only has straps across or around your chest. For women, these typically highlight your breasts while for men, chest harnesses often have a criss-cross pattern to accentuate your masculine physique. 

Finally, there is a leg harness, which has straps that extend from your waist to your thighs. It will typically wrap around each thigh like a naughty garter.

Why Bring a Body Harness Into the Bedroom

What can our vegan leather pastel-coloured body harness add to your bedroom experience? Trust us, you want to feel it for yourself, but here’s a sneak peek of a few reasons to give it a try.

1. Play with Power

There’s a reason why BDSM is so popular. In fact, about 20% of adults worldwide play with masks, blindfolds, or other bondage tools. In other words, if you look out your window and see five neighbours on the street, you can be certain that one of them likes to get dirty with some leather.

Power is an exceptionally exciting element to bring into the bedroom. Whether you fantasise about being the one to control the sexual experience or about being the one who’s at the powerful person’s hand, a body hardness is a fun way to start introducing some playfulness with power into the bedroom.

2. Embrace the BDSM Look

Can you enjoy BDSM play without a harness or other leather fetishwear? Sure. But there’s something about leatherwear (or vegan leatherwear) that truly sets the tone for the experience. We all enjoy giving our partner a sexy surprise by showing up wearing something unexpected for the bedroom, and a body harness could be the ideal choice for your next fun foray.

3. Create Sexy Grips

Body harnesses aren’t just about the way they look. They play into BDSM culture because they allow your partner to grab onto the harness to put you exactly wherever and however they want you. Between the leather straps and the metal rings, your harness lets your partner shift you into hot new positions you’ve never tried before or to grab on for some truly intense leverage.

4. Add Other Playful Accessories

As much fun as a body harness can be on its own, it’s even better when you introduce a few of its fetish friends. 

Depending on the type and configuration or harness you choose, it can be made to coordinate with leashes, chains, cuffs, and other BDSM accessories. For many, a harness is just the first gateway into the alluring world of bondage, and when you want to take it a step further with other accessories, you already have a starting point.

Ways to Enjoy Your Body Harness Outside the Bedroom

Clearly, the most fun way to use your body harness is in the bedroom. But who says you have to keep it stashed away in your drawer of naughty goodies? Body harnesses can be worn outside the boudoir too, and we’re not just talking about sex in public places.

Fetishise Your Look

If you have the right fit, body harnesses can be worn over or around your clothing. They have become common accessories for music festivals and other settings where people embrace their freakiness and have pride in who they are.

Harnesses have also become popular fashion accessories for events where your sexual tastes could be in the spotlight. For instance, if you’re attending a swingers’ convention or a BDSM learning session, wearing your harness over clothes will make your interests clear.

Build Subtle Anticipation

Body harnesses aren’t always meant to be subtle, but if you use them right, they can build exquisite anticipation between you and your partner for an upcoming roll in the hay.

Wear it under your clothes when you go out for a date night, with just enough peeking out that your partner knows it’s there. They won’t be able to keep their mind off of how to put that harness to good use, so by the time you get home, the passion will have built up enough for a truly intense and memorable experience.

Benefits of the Lolli Wraps Vegan Leather Pastel Body Harness

Any harness will be a sexy addition to the bedroom, but finding the right one can make it even better. The Lolli Wraps vegan leather pastel body harness has a few unique advantages that others don’t.

Breaking the Mold

If you’ve shopped around for bondage wear, you know that it’s 99.99% black leather. Sure, black leather is great for creating a dark and mysterious atmosphere, but what if that’s not you? Bondage can be both sexy and lighthearted too.

That’s why our harnesses come in delicate pastel colours. If pastel colours are more of your style, you can combine your personal tastes with the BDSM culture for an unforgettably “you” experience.

Being Ethically Sexy

You can enjoy being naughty in the bedroom while being nice everywhere else. Unlike traditional leatherwear, our body harnesses make that possible by using entirely vegan leather. You get all the heat of a leather fetish look without putting any animals in harm’s way in the process.

Indulging in Your Fantasies with a Vegan Leather Pastel Body Harness

Part of the fun of sex comes from experimenting with your partner, trying out different kinks and techniques to see what you each like. Whether you’ve only thought of dipping your toe into the bondage pool or you’re in the deep end already, a vegan leather pastel body harness could be the perfect addition to your boudoir repertoire. Shop our harnesses and products today to find the right one for you.

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