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  • 2PK COTTON SHIBARI ROPE - Lolli Wraps x
  • 2PK COTTON SHIBARI ROPE - Lolli Wraps x
  • 2PK COTTON SHIBARI ROPE - Lolli Wraps x
  • 2PK COTTON SHIBARI ROPE - Lolli Wraps x


BLACK AND PINK 32.8ft/10m

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"this was my first ever rope purchase and i couldn’t be happier! gorgeous rope that’s soft on the skin and great for learning"- sophia

Enjoy double the fun with our cute black and pink cotton shibari rope. Both shades are made from super strong cotton cord that’s soft, gentle on skin and easy to tie, so it’s the best option for beginners. Use both colours together to create cute contrasting designs or try them out individually… or on different people. This two pack of super strong cotton cord is 6mm thick and comes in 32.8ft/10m length. Ideal for bondage beginners! 

tighten ends before and after every use
we do not accept returns for unravelled rope
for extra care, we recommend whipping the ends
discreet and unbranded outside
gift tissue wrapped inside
carbon neutral deliveries


(All colours, excluding Minty)

The hemp shibari rope is ideal for adding a playful twist to your bondage adventure. This rope is suitable for suspension, decoration as well as self-tie and bedroom play purposes. To clean your hemp shibari rope, chain knot or braid rope and place into a pillowcase or lingerie bag (if using a pillowcase tie it closed) Wash your rope on a cold short and gentle setting with a small amount of rope soap. If you need, add an extra spin cycle to the rope to remove excess water. Leave your rope braided or knotted and allow it to hang dry for 2 days. When the outside of the rope is dry, unknot and allow to dry for 4-5 more days although it may take longer depending on the humidity. To re-oil your rope, use a 5-cent piece size amount of oil, rope oil or alternatively unscented baby oil can be used. Run the rope through the oil and store in a cool dry place. Avoid animal or plant-based oils as they can cause the rope to go stale and eventually become rotten. Please do not confuse this hemp Shibari rope with our minty coloured Hemp Shibari rope as they are very different in texture and purpose.


Rope washing should be easy and efficient, so that you can get back to enjoying your rope collection as soon as possible. For your nylon Shibari rope recommend using a little polyester rope soap and washing your ropes on an extra spin cycle. They can also be washed in lingerie bags or pillowcases, but as long as they are not knotted/braided this shouldn't be an issue! If your rope has been knotted or braided, you will have to take it out before washing in order to avoid shrinkage on the rope due to twisting. Once washed and thoroughly dried, store all ropes away from direct sunlight and heat, which will damage their fibers over time. Nylon shibari rope is a synthetic material that's great for making shibari and Japanese bondage, however, should always be used carefully. Due to its synthetic nature, nylon can be used safely in most environments and will often last longer than cotton or other natural rope alternatives. Please inspect your rope before use and discard it if it is brittle or damaged in any way.


Cotton shibari rope is a very popular rope for decorative bondage and elaborate pattern designs. Made from cotton fiber, it's very light weight and soft. We recommend hand washing to preserve the life of your rope. Cotton shibari ropes should be hung to dry in a cool, dry place with good ventilation. Cotton rope is designed to look good, feel great and last for years. To keep your cotton shibari ropes looking their best, treat them with care. Exposure to dry heat can denature the fibres leaving them dull in colour and prone to fraying or breakage. Cotton fibers will absorb moisture if left wet and take a long time to dry out again so avoid washing unless absolutely necessary.


Our silk bamboo rope is perfect for anyone who loves Shibari! This unique material has a hardiness that is comparable to that of cotton, but it is also soft, which makes it perfect for wrapping around you or your partner’s body and provides a non-abrasive, natural, and gentle touch. This soft yet strong material makes it ideal for shibari (traditional Japanese rope bondage) as well as general bondage, suspension, and other forms of play. It's also great for decorative purposes in many different designs and styles ranging from exotic to elegant. The durability of the weaves means that this product has a long-life span and will serve you for many years. It is also lightweight which makes it easy to carry around or use in any project. Our Silk Bamboo Shibari Rope is very easy to clean, just hand wash with cold water and a small amount of rope soap at any time. Do not use the washer or dryer, as they will run the risk of moisture damage and stretching. Washing the rope in clean water is recommended, as well as gently rubbing it with your hands. Do not apply too much pressure during this process or you may cause the strands to fray. After the cleanse, hang them outdoors to dry in a cool, shady place or under an air flow for heat-resistance. Sometimes gentle stretching helps keep its original shape and proper lay during drying, so we recommend directing some gentle tugs on it when in coils or 'S' shapes."


Stop! Our Soft Mint Hemp Shibari Rope is LITERALLY the softest and most comfortable rope available. Never feeling dry or itchy, it can be used for any skill level and skin type, however, not suitable for suspension.
Made from 100% hemp. This rope has a soft texture that will not cause chafing or rubbing on your skin. It's 100% biodegradable too! And since it's made from hemp, it's all natural and renewable. We recommend only hand wash with a mild soap and absolutely do not recommend machine washing or drying as this may cause damage to the fibers. Always hand wash your hemp rope with cold water and a small amount of rope soap. Do not use the washer or dryer, as they will run the risk of moisture damage and stretching. Washing the ropes in clean water is recommended, as well as gently rubbing them with your hands.


To ensure your rope's durability and safety, follow these essential care guidelines. Before each Shibari session, inspect your satin polyester rope meticulously, checking for signs of wear, fraying, or damage. If you identify any issues, it's best to retire the rope to prevent potential accidents. While satin polyester rope is less prone to absorbing moisture and dirt compared to natural fibers, it's still crucial to clean it gently with mild soap and warm water when it becomes dirty. Ensure thorough rinsing and complete air drying. When storing your rope, avoid tight knots or excessive pressure as this can cause kinks and weaken it over time. Instead, coil it loosely or use a rope bag for safekeeping. Be mindful of temperature, as satin polyester can be sensitive to high heat, so keep it away from direct sunlight and hot environments. Some Shibari enthusiasts opt for a small amount of silicone-based lubricant to enhance the rope's smoothness during sessions, but use it sparingly to maintain grip and safety. For proper preservation, store your satin polyester rope in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. To ensure even wear and a prolonged lifespan, consider rotating its usage. Always prioritise safety and the well-being of yourself and your partner in your Shibari practice.


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Most asked questions

Shibari is the ancient art of binding and is literally translated as “to tie”. Beautifully intricate and even meditative, enthusiasts create complex arrangements of knots and patterns. Contrary to more ‘robust’ forms of constraint, shibari is not about intolerable pain and control but embraces trust with a partner at the centre of its foundation. The mind-body connection is heightened by the inclusion of rope play, and practising it can be a lifelong journey into perfecting your technique. Forgiving and fun, shibari is for everyone who is interested, from day beginners to practised pros. We have lots of choices for you when it comes to your shibari rope! in colour, material and length.

Learning Shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage, can be a fun and rewarding journey. Safety is important when practicing Shibari, as it involves restraining a partner (or yourself) using ropes, and there is a risk of injury if not done correctly.

Research and Study:

Begin by researching Shibari to understand its history, cultural context, and different styles. Familiarise yourself with the philosophy behind Shibari, which emphasises trust, communication, and consent.

Safety First:

Before you start tying, you need to learn about Shibari safety practices. This includes understanding nerve anatomy, circulation, and the potential risks involved in rope bondage.

Study resources, books, or courses on Shibari safety to ensure you have a solid foundation in risk management.

Basic Knots and Techniques:

Learn the fundamental knots and techniques used in Shibari. These include the single-column tie, double-column tie, and various hitches and frictions.

Practice these knots until you can tie them securely and comfortably.

Rope Selection:

Choose appropriate ropes for Shibari and learn how to care for them. Learn more here!


Start practising your knots and techniques on your own or with a willing partner. Practicing on yourself (self-tying) can also help you understand the sensations and limitations of the ties.

Resources and Courses:

Consider taking a Shibari course or workshop from a reputable instructor or Shibari academy. The Shibari Academy is one option, but there are many others available both online and in person.

Online tutorials, books, and forums can also be valuable resources for learning new techniques and getting inspiration.

Communication and Consent:

Always prioritise open communication and consent with your partner. Discuss boundaries, limits, and expectations before starting any Shibari session.

Safety Gear:

Invest in safety shears (rescue scissors) that can quickly cut through ropes in case of an emergency. Keep them readily accessible during your sessions.

Build Skills Gradually:

Shibari is an art that takes time to master. Start with simple ties and gradually progress to more complex patterns as you gain experience and confidence.

Community and Feedback:

Consider joining local or online Shibari communities or to connect with experienced practitioners. Receiving feedback and learning from others can greatly enhance your skills.

Choosing the right rope for your Shibari journey is key, and you've got some great options!

For Learning and Practicing:

Cotton rope is excellent for learning knots because it holds them in place while you practice off the body. Plus, it's soft and comfy when you move on to self-tying or practicing with a partner.

If you want to feel a bit luxurious:

If you're feeling a bit fancy, silk bamboo Shibari rope is for you (and low key our fav). It feels absolutely amazing against your skin and is easy to work with. Just remember, this one's not meant for suspension – it's all about that luxurious feel.

You want versatility:

For the full Shibari experience, hemp and jute ropes are the best choice. These ropes are versatile and commonly used at all levels, from beginner to pro due to their texture, strength and durability. They're the real deal!

PLEASE NOTE: Our Mint coloured Hemp Rope is the only colour not suitable for suspension as the Minty colour is softer and therefore more suitable for decorative shibari art.

Durability and spicy play:

Nylon Shibari rope is a synthetic material that can hold its own in Shibari and Japanese bondage. Its synthetic nature makes it highly versatile and durable, often outlasting natural rope alternatives like cotton. However, use nylon rope with care. Its durability doesn't mean you can skip safety checks. Nylon's strength and resilience can be a great asset, but remember that it doesn't have the same softness or sensation as natural fibres. It might not offer the same tactile experience, so it's a matter of personal preference. Always inspect your nylon rope before use. If it's become brittle or shows any signs of damage, it's time to get a fresh one.

A Sensual Choice:

Satin polyester rope is a unique option in Shibari known for its silky texture and visual appeal, making it ideal for sensual sessions and artistic performances. While it lacks the durability for suspension, it's easy to clean and doesn't absorb moisture. Its usage depends on personal preference and the ambiance you want to create in your Shibari practice.

Choosing the right rope for Shibari depends on personal preferences, your specific needs, and the type of sensations you want to experience during your sessions. Here's a brief rundown to help someone make an informed choice:

Cotton: Ideal for learning and practice as it holds knots well. Soft and comfortable, suitable for various Shibari styles. Not recommended for suspension.

Bamboo: Luxuriously smooth and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for sensual play and artistic presentations. Not suitable for suspension.

Jute and Hemp: Versatile, durable, and often used for both beginners and experienced practitioners, including suspension. 

Nylon: Synthetic and durable, suitable for most Shibari environments. Ensure regular inspections for wear and tear. Not the best choice for suspension.

Polyester: Smooth and silky, great for adding a sensual touch to Shibari sessions and artistic presentations. Avoid suspension due to its slippery nature.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preferences, safety considerations, and the specific ambiance you want to create during your Shibari practice. So, explore the possibilities and pick the rope that best suits your style and desires!

Both jute and hemp Shibari rope are commonly used and considered safe for suspension in Shibari and other rope bondage arts when used correctly. They are preferred for suspension due to their strength, durability, and natural fibre construction. However, safety should always be a top priority when engaging in suspension art. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Proper Training: Before attempting any suspension, it's important to have proper training and education in Shibari and suspension techniques. Consider attending workshops or learning from experienced practitioners to ensure you understand the mechanics and safety precautions.

Rope Inspection: Regularly inspect your jute or hemp rope for signs of wear, fraying, or damage. Damaged rope should be retired immediately to avoid accidents during suspension.

Knot Knowledge: Master essential knots and hitches used in suspension to ensure a secure and safe tie. These knots should be practiced extensively before attempting suspension.

Load-Bearing Anchors: Make sure that the points you're suspending from are structurally sound and can bear the weight safely. Rigging from beams, suspension frames, or other secure anchor points is essential.

Safety Equipment: Always have safety shears (rescue scissors) on hand to quickly cut the rope in case of an emergency. This is a critical safety measure.

Communication: Maintain open and clear communication with your partner throughout the suspension. Establish safe signals to communicate comfort, discomfort, or any issues.

Weight Distribution: Distribute the weight evenly across the body to minimise pressure on specific areas. Be mindful of nerve paths and vulnerable areas when tying.

Progression: Start with simpler suspensions and gradually progress to more complex ones as you gain experience and confidence.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Mint coloured Hemp Rope is the only colour not suitable for suspension as the Minty colour is softer and therefore more suitable for decorative shibari art.

Sorry angel, we don't offer custom orders. But, if you have a suggestion for something sexy you think we’re missing, let us know!

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